Identify Yourself . Empower Everyone

501c3 and Public Benefit Corporation


Create a self-sovereign ID.

Connect to and manage b#IDs for your Places, Things, data and other assets.

  • Identify yourself
  • Connect and communicate with those around you
  • Choose what data you want to share
  • Share in the added value created through B#Market
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View, connect and engage with b#IDs.

Your Control Tower in the B#Ecosystem.

  • See every person, organization, place, or thing in your value chain
  • Map connections, track & trace, and communicate up and down the chain
  • Analyze data across systems and recalibrate your strategies
  • Share in the added value created through B#Market
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Build with verified, permissioned data from real people

Offer your digital services, credentials and build markets in the B#Ecosystem.

  • One portable identity across all systems
  • Park other digital identities on the b#ID’s data shelf
  • Open Infrastructure; Simple API Integration
  • Share in the added value created through B#Market
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Seed the movement. Donate to the 501c3.

Share in the value. Invest in the PBC.

  • Support Bluenumber Foundation, a 501 c3, on a mission for digital equality and data equity.
  • Invest in Bluenumber Inc a Public Benefit Corporation, to build the B#Ecosystem and ethical digital services.
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  • Blockchain ‘Track & Trace’ from farm to fork
  • Map relationships in any agrifood value chain.
  • Integrate farmer apps for inputs, subsidies, weather, market info, finance.
  • Pay farmers directly to share data about production and practices.
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Forced Labour & Vulnerable People

  • Digital ID for vulnerable people.
  • Access credentials on any device.
  • Partner apps for help and alerts.
  • People stay visible in the B#Ecosystem.
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  • KYC for finance and insurance.
  • Use IoT without revealing personal data.
  • Independent platform for push/pull services.
  • Scalable and cost-effective.
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  • View and map relationships in any supply chain down to individual workers.
  • Evidence no slavery, or forced or child labor.
  • Reduce risks.
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  • Use IoT without revealing personal data.
  • A neutral platform for push/pull services.
  • Full patient consent and privacy.
  • Deliver benefits by digital tokens direct to members.
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  • View and map relationships in any services delivery down to individual citizens.
  • Protect identity and data rights of every community member.
  • Engage in real-time, offer incentives and get real feedback from real people.
  • Applications: library systems, public transit, social services, parks and leisure, community engagement.
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Donors and
International Aid

  • View and map investments across multiple projects to individual beneficiaries.
  • Break program data silos with beneficiary-centric KPIs.
  • Granular impact M&E - by person, community place and program.
  • Communicate directly with beneficiaries.
  • Project privacy and data rights of individuals.
  • Increase beneficiaries’ income directly for regularly sharing data.
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& Networks

  • Free digital ID. Bridge the divide - digitize any group.
  • Data rights always protected by Bluenumber Foundation.
  • Map, engage and connect people to cooperate and relate.
  • People choose what to share, with whom, and enjoy the value their data creates.
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